Best Treatment For Nail Fungus

Ideal Treatment For Nail Fungus

Do you have brittle nails? It could be your toenails or your fingernails that are bothering you, but if they are brittle, and break easily, and perhaps turning a yellowish color, you may have a nail fungus.

This fungus is spread by contact with other people who have it, and is very hard to get rid of using normal measures. In order to cure nail fungus, it is necessary to penetrate the nail plate to reach the infection. Until recently, the best available solution included three systemic prescription anti-fungal medications and one prescription topical therapy. Currently, the most successful nail fungus remedy is terbinafine, known as Lamisil.

The reason Lamisil is the superior treatment for nail fungus is that it remains in the nail bed. Because the medicine remains in the nail bed, it significantly reduces the duration of the therapy. The time it takes to eradicate a fungal infection, as compared to the standard prescription, is shortened by up to 75%.

It is common for doctors to prescribe the medication, griseofulvin for nail fungus. This can take up to 2 years to entirely eliminate the problem. However, when using Lamisil to treat fungal infections, infected toenails require only up to three months of treatment and affected fingernails require merely six to eight weeks to be entirely healed. It is easy to see the enormous difference in the treatment time.

Another Lamisil benefit, if you have other prescriptions, is its low incidence of drug interactions with other medications. Taking Lamisil is also not taxing on your body and has only a slight risk of systematic effects, such as liver problems. The only noted side effect is diarrhea. However, this is extremely rare as Lamisil has generally been a very-well tolerated prescription medication choice for sufferers of nail fungus. Ask your doctor if she or he would recommend you use this product for your nails. You may be a candidate, and in a few months, your nail nightmare may finally be over!

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